Let us use  Film and Television to  expand knowledge and education.A single picture is more powerful than a million words. As because its language is universal .

We started our endeavor in 2010 and till now we are running. It’s a Govt. registered organization and have experience to work with the prominent International and Local organizations. We are expertise in Educational film and Documentary making.So far we have achieved 17 of the most prestigious & acclaimed international awards  for our works till January 2020.Please visit our  site and let us do something together with you all.

Thank you


01. Professional Photography indoor and outdoor .

02. All sorts of Film shooting & editing in 4K format .

03. Professional  on Location Sound recording.

04. Equipment rents and professional expertise .

05.  Research ,Production  Planning ,Management & Direction.

06.  Training  programs on Film making and Photogarphy.

07.  Bangla to English translation.

08.  35mm film processing & printing.

09.  35mm/120mm negatives & slide scanning .

10.  Making print from all sorts of negatives.

 11. VHS,VHS-C conversion to Digital file.


DCC-1078 Ibrahimpur , Habibullah Road ,

Dhaka Cantt. Dhaka-1206 ,BANGLADESH.

Ph:+880 1914898535 ,+880 1952298663 

+880 1914396330  &  +880 2 8714114

E-mail: info.dhrupad@gmail.com



(A) Our achivements in 2019

(B) Our achivements in 2019

Our Achivements from 2010-2018

Human Resources

01.Mr. KM.Taj-Biul Hasan

Chief Media Consultant 

Screen writer, Director & Cinematographer

Experience: Mr.KM Taj-Biul Hasan has been with this profession since 1991. He is an internationally acclaimed educational filmmaker and television program specialist. He has vast experience working with public service broadcasting organizations as a Program Producer/Director for 20 years and also as the Head of AV dept. of  some prominent private organizations for many years. A good number of this film got international awards and appreciations .So far made 145 educational TV programs , 28 documentaries and 04 fiction till December 2019. He also got three times the  most prestigious “National Federation of UNESCO Japan Prize” for educational filmmaking. Mr. Hasan is also a researcher and trainer. So far he presented papers in the 30 International media events around the world till December 2019 and has  publications in the reputed international journals. He made professional visits in many countries of Asia, Europe and Africa.

For more details please visit:



02. Ms. Shyfoon Naher 

CEO &  Proprietor

Script writer and Production Coordinator                                                                 

Experience : Ms. Shyfoon Naher has been attached with film and television media since 1991 .She was the enlisted television script writer of Bangladesh Open University from 1995 -2008 . So far, she has worked in a good number of international films as co-director and production coordinator. Ms. Naher has also participated in some international media events in India, Nepal & Malaysia.

03.Mr. Salahuddin Ahmed

Director Communication &  Production Management 

Experience :Mr. Salahuddin Ahmed has vast experience in Film and audio visual media production since 1994. In his professional career, he worked with many organizations in reputed positions and received professional training courses on Film & Television program making and Production management courses home & abroad.

04. Mr. Shafiul Alam

HR–Public relation  & Chief Photographer

Experience : Mr. Shafiul Alam is very much fascinated with wildlife and nature photography. Beside these; he also worked as a chief photographer in some international and national documentary films.

05. Mr. Lasker Mohammad

Director and  Script writer

Graphic Design & 3D Artist

Experience : Mr. Lasker Mohammad started his career as Asst. System Administrator in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Bangladesh in 1998. In 2004 he changed his career and started as Freelance 3D Artist and Documentary Script writer and worked 12 documentaries from 2006 to 2014 as script writer.

06. Mr. Abdullah Al Mamun

Honorary Editor and Graphic animator

Experence : Mr. Abdullah Al Mamun started his career as an Editor in 2005 just after completing his Diploma in Computer Science on Hardware & Graphics. He has been attached with a prominent satellite TV channel of Bangladesh as promo editor since 2011. So far he edited some international award winning films and got the best editor award nationally for a feature film in 2014.

07. Mr. Iftekharul Islam

Honorary  Finance Advisor

Experence : Mr. Iftekharul Islam is a  young  audit & financial consultnat He   completed  his  BBA & MBA  from the University of  Dhaka , Bangladesh in 2014 .He is   aslo an Associate of Chartered Secretary. He has experience in Corporate and Individual tax matters, as well as in compliance issues of both Direct Tax and Indirect Tax of local and multinational companies. At present Mr. Islam is serving as the Deputy Manager–Taxation & Legal Compliance at Grant Thornton Bangladesh.

08. Ms. Salina Parvin

Honorary Program Maker

Researcher , Script writer & Producer

Experience : Ms.Salina Parvin has been working with Bangladesh Open University (BOU) to produce Educational Program since 2007. Now she is in the position of Program Specialist .Ms. Parvin is very good in field research and script development        

09. Ms. Novera Hasan Nikkon

Associate Producer / Director

Researcher  and Script writer

Experience : Ms. Novera Hasan Nikkon is a very young film-maker, born on February 04 1998,Dhaka,Bangladesh and now an undergraduate student of Fine Arts Department of the Jagannath University. Her first independent debut film was ‘Let me Breath with my Dream’ in 2016 which got some prestigious international awards and appreciations. Her second and third films are 'We could be champions too' and 'Sun Behind the Horizon' in 2018 and 2019 respectively. The most highlighted achievement of Ms. Nikkon career is ‘The Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize’ -the Best Proposal Award of NHK Japan Prize -2016 competition for her proposed production 'The Girls are not Brides'. She is the first Bangladeshi and also the youngest one, who got this high status award in the history of NHK Japan Prize till now .'The Girls are not Brides’ is her first big international film, which she jointly directed with two other directors. She did the whole research, production planning and scripting of this film. For details visit: https://filmfreeway.om/noverahasannikkon   

10. Mr. Shakil Ahmed 

Honorary Creative Director & Voice artist 

Experence : Mr. Shakil Ahmed is a very  young and creative audio-visual media passoniate . After completing his post graduation degree in 2010, he adapts himself with this audio-visual media profession as a voice artist for Film,  Televison & Radio. He started his  career as a RJ in ABC Radio FM 89.2  in 2012 . AT present, he has been attached with  Radio Shadin 92.4 FM as a Program Producer since 2015. Mr. Ahmed has already proved his worth by winning the most prestigious 'UNESCO Mina awards' for excellent radio program making. Besides these ; he is also a good writer and good number of his books has already been published. 




      So far  our International  Awards & Acceptances:


►FILM: 'BE BOLD & WIN THE DREAM'                                                                                                      Directed by : Ms.Novera Hasan Nikkon

synopsis:Bangladesh’s sociology and the religious environment always stand on gender discrimination in all aspect whatsoever it is. Sports are quite forbidden for the women and are treated as the violation of religious rules. In such despair; a group of spirited young girls in one of the remotest villages of the Northern region of Bangladesh were organized under the banner of a football team to stand against the social injustice and custom .It is an example of the power of sports which makes significant changes in the narrow domestic social beliefs in the positive way.

01.The Best Documentary [ Global Impact ] GITW Film Festival -2020, Austin, USA.


►FILM: 'AGUAN-Sun Behind th]e Horizon' (©FAME FACTORY: 2019)                                                               Directed by : Ms.Novera Hasan Nikkon  

Synopsis: This film is based on a helpless forbidden young mother of 22 years old who has chosen a profession as a Rickshaw puller which is only considered for man. So my film will encourage all the distress women of the world that if you believe yourself then nobody could stop you .                                               

01. Official Nomination : TASVEER South Asian I Film festival -2019 USA

02.  Semi Finalist : Starz andWrap women: Telling Our Stories-2019,USA

03.. Official selection : 4th International Shortt Film Festival -2019 ,Pune.India

04.  Official Nomination : 15th International Short & Independent Film Festival.Dhaka

►FILM: 'WE COULD BE CHAMPION TOO'                                                                                                  Directed by : Ms.Novera Hasan Nikkon

Synopsis: In Bangladesh the girls are frequently considered as burden to the families. Due to cultural setting, it has been believed that they don’t have any worth like the boys. So they have no rights to choose their future and destination. Specially in sporting sectors, girls are not accepted due to negative social and religious restriction. But in this short film a girl of 18years of old Ms. Mabia Akhter Shimanto has broken down this barrier by choosing, such a sport weightlifting which makes her the first gold medalist winner of Bangladesh in the South Asian region.

01.Official Nomination:CMS,INTERNATIONAL CHILREN'S FILM FESTIVAL-                   2020,Lucknow, India .

02.Grand Prize Winner -The Girls Impact World Film Festival -2019, Austen, USA.

03.Official Selection Duemila-30 High School & Univerisity Film Festival -2019,Milan.

►FILM: 'EDUCATION ON THE BOAT-A NEW HOPE FOR TOMORROW''                                               Directed by : Mr. KM Taj-Biul Hasan

                Film website:https://educationontheboat.simplesite.com/

01. Best Documentary Award:12th International Kuala lumpur Eco Film Festival–2019

02. Special Jury Award : International Moving Film Festival -2019 ,Iran

03. Best  Documentary Award : 10th CMS VATAVARN -2019 New Delhi ,India

04. Best Documentary Award : SIFF-2019 Chapra,Biher ,India

05. Finalist: The 15th We The Peoples Film Festival 2019 ,London ,UK

06. Finalist :International Film Festival of Cinema & Sea-2019 , Sidi Ifni ,Morocco

07. Official Nomination :The HOBOKEN International Film Festival–2019 New York .

08. Official selection: spudFILM: WASTED-Environmental Film-2019 Hampshire ,UK

09. Official Nomination : Knivfest-Knaiv International Film festival -2019 ,Ukraine

10. Official Nomination : The Village DOC Film Festival–2019 ,Milan ,Italy .

11. Official selection : Philadelphia Environment Film Festival -2019 USA.

12. Official selection : 12 International Tourism Film festival -2019 ,Latvia

13. Official selection : Inshort Film Festival -2018 .Lagos

14. Official selection : EduDoc-2018: Stories of Education ,New Delhi ,India

►FILM: 'THE GIRLS ARE NOT BRIDES'                                                                                                       Directed by : Ms.Novera Hasan Nikkon & two co-directors

                Film website: http://thegirlsarenotbrides.simplesite.com/

01. Best Topic  Award ,3rd ASA International Humanitarian Film festival -2019 ,                     Weimar ,Germany.

02.The Best Documentary Award 'FILM FRAMES INTERNATIONAL FILM                                 FESTIVAL-2019, PUNE ,INDIA

03.Best Documentary Award ,The 7th Annual DC South Asian Film Festival '18 ,USA.

04.Best Documentary Award , 6th My Mumbai International Film Festival'18 ,INDIA.

05.Best Proposal Award 'Hoso Bunka Foundation Prize' in NHK Japan Prize '16.Japan

06.Official Nomination in the CHICAGO South Asian Film Festival-2019 USA

07.Official selection -5th International Documentary Festival , Lerapetra ,Greece.

08.Official selection - the 1st Women Of The Lens Festival'18, UK .

09.Official selection -the 12th edition of River Film Festival '18 ,Padova, Italy.

10.Official selection -24th International Festival of Local Televisions'18.Slovakia.

11.Official Nomination in the 21st Olympia  International Film  Festiva'18l , Greece.

12.Official selection in the South Asia Short Film Competition '18.Chennai ,INDIA.

13.Official selection-the 3rd London Bengali Film festival'18 , London,UK

►FILM: 'LET ME BREATH WITH MY DREAM'                                                                                             Directed by : Ms.Novera Hasan Nikkon

Synopsis:In Bangladesh child marriage is a strong social custom and has the fourth highest rate of child marriage in the world. This film is a true story of a young girl named Sharmin Akhter who stood up against her child marriage arranged by her own mother and ultimately succeeded to stop it through a long struggle and become an bnacccicon in the society 

01.Grand Prize Award 7th Chocolate City International Short Film Festival '19, USA.

02.First Runner Up Award ,The Girls Impact World Film Festival'18, USA.

03.Jury Award in the FILM YOUR ISSUE: Youth Speak Out'18 ,USA.

04-Italian Movie Award ,IVitruviano di Leonardo Da Vinci-'18,Rome ,Italy.

05.First Runner up Award - Children Rights Festival -2019 ,Beirut ,Lebanon

06.Official nomination - NewarK IFF Youth Festival '18 ,USA

07.Official selection -Lift Off film Festival '18,UK.

07.Official selection -Oregon Cinema Arts Film Festival,USA.

08.Official nomination in the 6th My Mumbai International Film Festival '18 ,INDIA.

09.Official selection in the Camera Zizanio Pyrgos-2018 ,Athens .

10.Official selection- EduDoc 2018: Stories of Education film festival ,New Delhi ,India

►FILM: 'LIVING WITH THE FLOOD-FACE THE CHALLENGE OF TOMORROW'                                    Directed by : Mr. KM Taj-Biul Hasan

01.Best Docum entary - XVII. Faludi Film Festival-2013, Budapest, Hungary.

02.Winner - ‘Silver Frame Trophy’ in the 5th Imperia festiva l'12, Rome.Italy.

03.Official selection -Electric Lantern International Film Festival--2013, Kent ,UK .

05.Official selection -8th Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival,Qatar.

06.Official nomination -3rd  International Water and Film Events (IWFE) ,France

07.Official selection-7th International Film Festival on Water '13 ,Bangalore, India.

08.Official selection: UNAFF International Documentary Film Festival ,San Francisco.

09.Official nomination in the  48th Roshd International Film Festival ,Tehran , Iran.

►FILM: 'LET THERE BE LIGHT                                                                                                                    Directed by : Mr. KM Taj-Biul Hasan

Synopsis:Caste discrimination remains one of the most severe and forgotten human rights abuses of the twenty-first century. More than 260 million people worldwide experience discrimination based on their caste live a life in hopeless & miserable poverty and this has been going on for centuries. Education seems to be a dream for them from generation to generation. A young girl named Shima Rani, who is also struggling to continue her education only to be born in such a community those who have been neglected and discriminated against by mainstream society due to a stigma “untouchable” . How many days our civilized world would accept this stigma ......?

01.Winner -National Federation of UNESCO Japan Prize-2013, Japan.

02.Official selection -Lift Off film Festival -2018,UK.

03.Official nomination in the 6th My Mumbai International Film Festival ,INDIA.

04.Official selection -IN-SHORT international short film festival -2018 Lagos ,Nigeria .

05.Honorable Mention -Human Rights Short Film Festival 2018,Dhaka ,Bangladesh.

06.Official selection- EduDoc 2018: Stories of Education film festival ,New Delhi ,India

►FILM: THE LIGHT OF LIFE                                                                                                                        Directed by : Mr. KM Taj-Biul Hasan

01.Winner -National Federation of UNESCO  Japan Prize-2010,Japan

02.Official nomination-9th Aljazeera International Documentary Film Festival,Qatar

03.Official selection -14 International Film Festival-2012 at Patras city , Greece.

04.Official selection -Lift Off film Festival -2018,UK.

05.Official selection -IN-SHORT international short film festival -2018 Lagos ,Nigeria .

FILM: LALBAG FORT-A SIGNATURE OF MUGHAL RELIC                                                                   Directed by : Mr. KM Taj-Biul Hasan

01.Official selection - MoziMotion 2019 - Netherlands

02.Official selection - The Archeology Channel (TAC) 2019 - USA

03.Official selection - 11th TOURFILM - RIGA 2018 - PORTUGAL

04.Official selection -Lift Off film Festival -2018,UK.

05.Official selection -IN-SHORT international short film festival -2018 Lagos ,Nigeria .



Documentary Making in Banderban ,2008 .

An International Assignment in Hiroshima , Japan .

On field assignment . Ms. Shyfoon Naher & Ms. Salina Parvin .

The Best Documenatry Award - The SARAN INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL 2019, Biher ,India.

With Two Israeli film-makers in the Saran International Fiml festival 2019 , India.

'The Best Documentary Award' - The 10th CMS VAATAVARAN Environment & Wildlife International Film Festival -2019 ,New Delhi ,India on Climate Change : Adaptation & Mitigation category . The biggest Green film festival of Asia

The 10th CMS VAATAVARAN Environment & Wildlife International Film Festival -2019 ,New Delhi ,

Tokyo Docs-2019 Award winner under the section "Color of Asia"-2020 .Tokyo .

Tokyo Docs 2019 winner Mr. KM Taj-Biul Hasan for his project ' It's time to Rise up -I am a Rickshaw puller'

Pitching session of Tokyo Docs-2019 ,Tokyo ,Japan.

Best Short Documentary Award winner KM Taj-Biul Hasan for the film 'Education on the Boat- A new Hope for Tomorrow' in the 12th Kleff-2019.

Best short Documentary Award :Kleff-2019 ,Kula Lumpur .Malaysia .

The Best Documentary Award : The 6th My Mumbai International Film Festival -2018 ,Mumbai ,India .

Novera Hasan Nikkon in her Film curing session in NHK Japan Prize-2017 ,Tokyo .

Novera Hasan Nikkon in her post screening session in NHK Japan Prize-2017

Ms. Shyfoon Naher is an International Media event in abroad

'Hoso Bunka Foundation ' award winner Ms. Novera Hasan Nikkon, NHK Japan Prize -2016

Novera Hasan Nikkon in Japan Prize -2016

CEO Ms. Shyfoon Naher in the Asia Media Summit 2015 ,Kuala Lumpur ,Malaysia.

UNESCO Japan Prize winner KM Taj-Biul Hasan ,NHK Japan Prize-2013

'UNESCO Japan Prize winner KM Taj-Biul Hasan,NHK Japan Prize-2010

Sample of our International Productions

Education on the Boat- A new hope for Tomorrow

This film is on climate adaptation issue. How the people of Northeastern regions of Bangladesh is dealing with the climatic adverse condition through some innovative techniques in any given situation within the least cost effective manners.

We could be Champion too (Trailer)

In Bangladesh due to negative social and religious restriction girls are not accepted in sporting sectors. In this film a young girl of 18 years of old ,who broke down this barrier by winning the first time Gold medal in the South Asian games.

Let me Breath with my Dream -(Trailer)

In Bangladesh due to cultural setting, girls are regarded here as an economic burden and are expected to marry very young. It is a true story of a young girl ,who stood up and ultimately succeeded to stop a her child marriage through a long struggle


It is a real life documentary film of Girls rights of Bangladesh. Girls are usually deprived from their basic human rights due to cultural setting. In this film, it has been proved that the girls have the same ability and worth like the boys if they get proper support and help from the family.

The Light of Life

It is story of a poor handloom worker named Mr.AkbarAli, who works for promoting education in his village in voluntary measures. In Bangladesh, literacy rate is the lowest among developing countries.

Let there be Light

Caste discrimination remains one of the most severe and forgotten human rights abuses of the twenty-first century. More than 260 million people worldwide experience discrimination based on their caste live a life in hopeless & miserable poverty and this has been going on for centuries.

The Flask

Never say no to life.

Lalbagh Fort –A signature of Mughal relic

Love your Heritage and History ...

Sample of our Iocal  Productions

Jalani Nirapotta Shorbochcho Agradhikar ( Highest Priority on Fuel Security)

An informative film on Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation.

Amrao Achi Shobar Shathe ( Activities of DISA)

Development Initiative for Social Advancement ( DISA) is a socioeconomic development organization of Bangladesh . It was established in 1993. It is a very short description of DISA's activities at a glance..

Jatio Unnoune Umrao Ek Goti Shakti'

A Documentary on Mehgna Petroleum Limited - Bangladesh

Shobar Upor Shodesh

A Documentary on Jamuna Oil Company Limited

Krishi Bari

Live with nature.


                                  Professional references:


Tokyo Docs. Tokyo ,Japan.

Visual Folklore ,Tokyo , Japan.

CMS VATAVARAN ,New Delhi ,India.

Hoso Bunka Foundation ,Tokyo, Japan.

NHK Broadcasting Corporation, Tokyo, Japan.

Aljazeera International, Doha, Qatar.

Bangladesh Petroleum Corporation.

Development Initiative for Social Advancement (DISA)

Jamuna Oil Company Ltd.

Meghna Petroleum Ltd.

Quantum Foundation, Bangladesh

                                       On going Productions


01. It's time to Rise up -I am a Rickshaw pullar

**It is a Tokyo Docs/2019- Color of Asia 2020 winning project.

Synopsis : Abandoned by her husband, Rahela was left to fend for their two young children all by herself. In conservative Muslim-majority Bangladesh, strict gender roles mean that jobs open to women are limited and undervalued. Determined to provide an education and a better life for her children, 22-year-old Rahela has stood the course in the face of prejudice, carving out a career as a rickshaw puller on the streets of the capital – backbreaking work even for a man. With so many Bangladeshi women struggling in desperate circumstances, Rahela hopes she can inspire others to fight for self-reliance

Present status of the film : Shooting Stage ( Stopped since March '20 for COVID-19)

Proposed completion time : September 2020

Length of the film : Maximum 25mins.

Language : Bangla , English and Japanese version.

Producer : Dhrupad Communication (Bangladesh) and Visual Folklore ( Japan)


02. Hiroshima-City Behind the  Civilization 

Synonsis: A film on Hiroshima memories .Full shooting was done in Hiroshima , Japan .This film will express the devastative and most pathetic destruction of human civilization by the supportive interviews of some survivors of 1945 those who are still bearing this tragic memories .This film will explain the people’s feelings those who come to visit the 'Peace Memorial Park' of Hiroshima as well as the people’s perception of Bangladesh ,what they think about it .

Present status of the film    : Post production stage ( Stopped for COVID-19)

Proposed completion time  :  May 2020

Length of the film                  : Maximum 20mins.

Language                                : Bangla and English version

Producer                                  : Dhrupad Communication (Bangladesh)


03. A City Behind the Sunset

A full historical  research documenatry of  old 'Panam city ' . It is an ancient historical city in Bangladesh and  more than 400 years of old .Panam City is situated at Sonargaon, Narayanganj in Bangladesh. it was  the most attractive city of that time the capital of the fifteenth-century Bengal ruler Isa Khan and once an important trading and political center with enriched culture , Sonargaon boasts architecture of the Sultanate, Mughal, and colonial periods.  There are many historical buildings  those are related with the history of Baro-Bhuyan.

Present status of the film    :  Research & Development Stage

Proposed completion time  :  May  2021

Length of the film                  :  Maximum 20mins.

Language                                :  Bangla and English version

Producer                                 : Dhrupad Communication (Bangladesh)